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"Grandma showers" as they are being called, are one of the newest trends to hit the baby market!

Jungle Baby Shower Theme Boy

Safari Baby Shower Corsage

Lion King Baby Shower Theme

Safary Baby Shower

Jungle Baby Shower Decorations

Baby Showers Decor

Mother To Be Corsage Baby Shower

Safari Corsage

Baby Shower Capias

This cute Grandma to be corsage is a nice memento to give to any grandma to be! Such a nice way to include them in the festivities! Made with

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Ducky Lemonade

Serve Lemonade

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Pink Ducks

Floating Ducks

baby shower lemonade I say instead of the ducks use Bunnys bc that's what she is using in her room.

Elephant Babyshower Cake

Genderreveal Babyshower

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Unique Boy Baby Shower Themes Babyshower

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Baby Shower Idea.





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Jungle Centerpiece

Jungle Safari Party Favors or Baby Shower Jungle Safari Diaper Cake Centerpieces

Etsyfrom Etsy

It's a boy mini diaper cake with washcloth lollipops

Mini Diaper Cakes

Lollipop Diaper

Nappy Cakes For Boys

Mini Cake

Diaper Cakes For Baby Boy

Boy Mini

Washcloth Lollipops


Its A Boy

Cute for a baby shower gift!

Original Mini

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baby shower - mini diaper cakes - cute for baby shower table centerpieces

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Baby Shower Food For Girl Veggie Tray

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Bathtub Baby Shower Gift

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Girl Baby Shower Candy Bar

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Guess How Many Baby Shower Game

Nappy Game

Mom Or Dad Baby Shower Game

Baby Shower Guessing Game

This Game Is Actually Called "Dirty Diapers"...Click On Picture To See How To Play This And 20 Other Baby Shower Games...

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Grandma, Grandma, Aunt, Great Grandma

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Yellow Green

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baby blanket diaper "cake"

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Baby Bottle mini Diaper Cake, Makes a Beautiful Baby Shower Gift via Etsy

Diaper Cake Frog

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Theme Diaper

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Baby Shower Diaper Cake

The WHOotfrom The WHOot

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baby shower pacifiers I made these for a baby shower once. When you catch someone saying, "How cute" Theyou take their pacifier.

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Baby shower gift idea ~ diaper bottle

Baby Shower Sock Tree

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Baby Sock Tree

Baby Shower Hamper

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baby shower sock tree! such a cute gift idea!!