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☆$1 Nail Polish @ Dollar General: Broadway Nails EASTER ANNIE☆ a bright pastel lilac creme, on the verge of being neon.

I make this hand cream a lot, and give to friends who love it. My recipe calls for 2 jars of Vit. E cream and only 3/4 of the vaseline and 1 bottle of baby lotion. Buy everything at Dollar General. Mix in a bowl with your mixer, put in tightly sealed jars. VIO:A ! It also does WONDERS for your nails. Love this stuff.

A quick trip to the Dollar General is all you need! 3 ingredients. A large store brand Baby lotion (baby or shea and cocoa butter) The large (7.5 oz) store Petroleum Jelly and an 8 oz Vitamin E skin cream. Ms. Coloradolady says First put in the Vitamin E then the petroleum jelly last is the baby lotion. Make sure you scrape ALL of it out! Then whip it up!

5 Minute Peanut Butter Pie

EASY peanut butter pie. Great for a last minute party or dessert. And seriously delicious!!!

my new find in a moisturizer ~ dollar general vitamin e oil. soybean oil, vitamin e and coconut oil. 2 bucks.