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Frozen and Tangle

Elsa and Rapunzel playing chess, while Anna watches. Meanwhile, Eugene has stolen Olaf's nose, so they're playing a bit of hide and seek.

Frozen- my mom thinks Kristoff is a dork but I like him!

Why Kristoff is Secretly the Dreamiest Disney Guy Ever. More like "Not So Secretly" ^-^

I still don’t get why Eugene was hiding...

OMG I couldn't figure out why Eugene was hiding & then it hit me.

Disney Children - Kids of Disney Princes and Princesses - Cosmopolitan

These Photos of Disney Families Will Break You

Disney Children - Kids of Disney Princes and Princesses - Cosmopolitan This makes me so happy oh my gosh.

Hans gets advice on girls

Hans gets advice on girls

Hans from "Frozen" asks his predecessors (i. other Disney guys) for tips on wooing the ladies. Hilarity ensues :P And, I'm definitely looking at Prince Phillip (from "Sleeping Beauty") and thinking, "You.


How to Train Your Dragon meets Brave :) Whoa. Can't say I ship it, but I do like this ;

What you you like to do?........... (P.S., I like collecting animal skulls. I have a cat head, a pig head, (somewhere, i think I lost it) a goat head, I think I lost my rat head, and this spring I might have a rabbit head. If it's not eaten by then, I mean, she's already dead, c'mon, animals, let her R.I.P until I take her skull...)

Ruffnut and Rapunzel. <<< i feel like ruffnut would be like rapunzel’s kickass older sister

This shall be my future child.:

Little girl is living the dream.

This Mom is super extra skilled - some of these are costumes for park workers, outfits you can't just pull up the movie and study the screenshots for. SO impressed! And, of course, the cuteness factor, I can't hardly stand it!

My heart can't take this :'(

My heart was so sad at this post. and then i had to laugh at the end post. But this was beautiful

The climactic fight that everyone wished took place.

If Hans had fire power. >> Everything changed when the fire nation attacked

watching a movie with Olaf. Lol, Kristoff's shirt

That one friend while watching a movie

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While I love the "sisters before misters" theme, Frozen is CERTAINLY not the first Disney film with women who can hold their own. But let's just say Frozen is the one that unite the morals of all "I don't need a man and sisters first" movies

Don't worry Elsa. There are good queens too.

Don't be sad, Elsa. Your'e not an Evil Queen. You are accepted by the "Real" Disney Queens.