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This dad rocks! Bohemian Rhapsody On The Way To School

Bohemian Rhapsody On The Way To School - this will be me and my kids one day! :D this dad gets an A+.thank you for teaching your kids what real music is! no bieber or selena for these guys! :) This is going to be my dad and my future kids.

Song mashup challenge.. probably the coolest video ever! I wish my high school would have done that

High schoolers dancing and lip syncing to the best songs of 2012 mash up. THIS IS AWESOME!

Anyone would want to have this teacher

Best Teacher Ever. hahaha this is probably something I would do if I was a teacher, and u would just be like, "so not really feeling the hole teaching school thing, so im gonna teach you how to hav a life, plz leave and hav a nice day.

Paint a bar of soap with nail polish and leave it in the shower. | 41 Genius April Fools’ Day Pranks Your Kids Will Totally Fall For

41 Genius April Fools’ Day Pranks Your Kids Will Totally Fall For

put clear nail polish on a bar of soap, it looks the same but won't sud! Lady Create-a-lot: April Fool's Day- 33 HARMLESS, PESKY PRANKS. More prank ideas than I know what to do with.

I really hope I get a proposal like this one day. Hopefully to an Australian…sigh...

The boy band Fancy has a new song out "Abacus". Never heard of Fancy? Well, maybe they're not exactly a "real" boy band. But, the proposal they deliver is real. Check out this clever proposal with the fictional band Fancy.

best way to ask a girl to prom ever. @Erica Dixon @Alyssa Carol why did this not happen to us!

Best way to ask a girl to prom ever backstreet boy style! Omg this was so hilarious but so adorable!


Viral Video zeigt rührenden Bald-Großvater

"Told my dad he is going to be a grandpa I am his only child and my mother passed away 20 years ago. He has been asking us for grandchildren since our wedding night. I think he is happy.

Lawn on the desk

Coworker went on vacation for 3 weeks, so we decided to grow a lawn of grass on his desk. Your ass is grass.

Olaf träumt vom Sommer

Quiz: What Disney Frozen Character are you? You're Olaf! You’re fun-loving, adorable, and love pretty much everyone. Summer is your favorite time of year, and you go through life with a song in your heart and a smile on your face.