Bazooka Bubble Gum

Chiclets. Pinner says: You would have to chew several to get much chewing gum ... but they were colorful and fun.

Gold Rush Bubble Gum

I wish I lived in the sixties. I keep on forgetting to change the pin caption (I did not really live in the sixties but I wish I did) I used to buy this in the 80's loved it

My Grandma Had A Crap Load Of These(:

Viewmaster - wish I still had mine, or even my childrens'...

Records... and paper sleeves.

Bazooka Bubble Gum with the cartoon. Remember how hard the gum was?

Bubblicious Gum

Paper Fortune Teller. Made a million of these!

in the 80's.

Mikey....Life cereal. :)

cardboard on your bike so the flapping sound on the spokes as you rode was like a motor.....yup did that

Zebra gum

Kissing Potion - used gallons of this bubble gum flavored lipgloss. =)

Plastic Bubbles   Plastic Bubbles were the best things ever invented in life! (at least, my child mind felt this way at one time)

Freshen Up gum

fruit stripe gum..and the wrapper was a tattoo!

Wheat-back pennies. My grandpa used to have a coin collection. I had almost forgotten!

bubble gum

Yum, yum