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FOR LIBRA: involving children or a possible pregnancy, changing situations for an event that will bring positive energies Affairs if you want a drink, this is the right time, there may be a good time for that, if you already have children, issues to deal with them. Inquiries: + 041 479 785 543 058.

FOR GEMINI: Abundance, prosperity, good economic fortunes after a losing a very good profit for you, positive situations that are on track towards the consolidation of some material advantage that streak. Visit my blog: Politics.

FOR LIBRA: A loving relationship you have very thoughtful, is a good thing for you, but there are certain things you're going to have to face and it would be your decision to continue or not, but if you decide to leave a relationship can be presented someone very good for you, you will not waste time or be lonely moment. Google plus: adrisalomonm.

FOR LIBRA :in the work for that win, you're highly favored, this week mercury can positively or negatively affect you in your work, depending on the glass you look, come enjoy, walk, enjoy, if you can recreate in a better artistic activity, I foresee success. Facebock: ADRIANA SOLOMON.

PARA LIBRA: Momento de recibir y de dará, una buena oportunidad se abrirá ante ti con un hombre o mujer, fertilidad, éxito en el amor y en asuntos donde tengas que estar involucrado con toma de decisiones, abundancia. Google plus: adrisalomonm.

PARA LEO: No te preocupes si no fue una buena semana, ya recibirás una recompensa felicidad por un proyecto o un dinero, todo marcha bien para ti, tendrás un buen momento para salir adelante con lo que te propongas y con las ideas que ya tienes en tu mente, semana de éxito. Facebook: Jovencitos plan vacacional.

cost you sacrifices, but then understand that it is worth the experience. Love: In love stability. Will solve something with a building can be buy, sell, litigation, if it's a really buying your dream made either by yourself or together with your partner or family, can also be a renovation, a possible pregnancy or someone unexpected comes home change their lives, because it not only yours, single aquarium will be a little indifferent with couples because their priorities are other especially

PARA LEO : Análisis exhaustivo en cuanto a tus afectos , si estás en un relación o a punto de iniciarla te pondrás muy quisquilloso en ver los pro y los contra , si ya tienes esa relación continuarás por temor a iniciar algo nuevo. Agrégame a Facebook : Adriana Salomón