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I need to read this over and over as I push myself to be something I might not be need to be...skinny!!!

Duh. Realize this more than ever after taking a sick break

Reason To Be Fit #0095: because I want people to know I'm a stud I love being the girl in the weight room with all the guys...

Honestly, I'm pretty dang flexable for a fat chick. I can only imagine how impressive it will be when I'm fit and healthy! haha

Reasons To Be Fit: 'cause I like that "HELL YEAH" feeling after finishing a tough workout.

#motivation to prove that my genes don't dictate my body, I do

If I have a passion for and exercise it would have to be yoga. I am coming to terms with the fact that while I can do some rather advanced inversions and such that yoga is about respecting your body and my body can't tolerate me wanting to be "advanced"

I felt this way this morning submitted by email (Unless it’s a rest day, of course.)

I have always been interested in mma and boxing definetly would be a good way to let my aggression out and become stronger and better in every way

Couldn't lift my own weight 8 months ago...