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Cherokee do not look much like other tribes of Indians, one of the myths of our name is that the word Cherokee means Those who came from far away, as the other Indians thought that we came from the sky.

Wes Studi is a full-blooded Cherokee who spoke only Cherokee until he went to school. After serving in Vietnam, he returned to Oklahoma where he worked as a reporter for The Cherokee Advocate. He became involved with the American Indian Movement and was at Wounded Knee in 1973. His interest in acting was spurred by his involvement with the American Indian Theatre Company in Tulsa. Studi then moved to Los Angeles and got small parts in television and movies.

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The Seven Clans of the Cherokee

Cherokee Indian Symbols | The Seven Clans of the Cherokee

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Customs and Ceremonies of the Cherokee Indians

Customs and Ceremonies of the Cherokee Indians. This article discusses some of the ceremonies that Native Americans participated in. They had ceremonies for things such as healing, death, medicine, worship and more. Today, students have ceremonies as well but it would be interesting to compare ceremonies that are similar and different to those of the Native Americans.

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What Feathers Mean to the Cherokee

Turkey Feathers Although turkey feathers did not hold much meaning for the Cherokee, they were widely used in decoration. Women wore turkey feather mantles in the early 1700s. However, they were not worn by ball players for fear of growing a wattle

Definition of a Native American Indian..."An Indian is an Indian regardless of the degree of Indian blood or which little government card they do or do not possess.” ― Wilma Mankiller

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Cherokee Symbols and What They Mean

Cherokee Symbols and What They Mean More

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10 Important Facts About the Cherokee Tribe

How to Find Out if You Are a Cherokee Indian | eHow Check out the website to see how I lost 20 pounds last month

Cherokee Symbols | of Cherokee Indian Symbols ...