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Art with Coffee

Spilled Coffee Turned Into Beautiful Art By Giulia Bernardelli Raw Dumps

Beautiful yet Great Coffee Art.  ❤☕

Giulia Bernardelli uses spilled coffee cups and turns them into coffee art creations. Coffee and food illustrations are created as if by accident.

@coffeetopia – also know as Ghidaq al-Nizar – began as a latte artist, but has taken his craft to another level by deconstructing frothy brews and utilizing their most basic component - coffee - his medium of choice.

Artist Turns His Morning Coffee Leftovers Into Beautiful Leaf - Paintings - Ghidaq al-Nizar

While most people would see a coffee spill as a mess, Giulia Bernardelli from Italy sees it as art. The 27-year-old artist uses spilled food items like coffee, chocolate, ice cream, and even what looks like baby food, to make paintings. With these edible paints in hand, Bernardelli uses an unconventional paintbrush that’s most fitting […]

Artist uses spilled food as paint to make beautiful artworks

Artist Giulia Bernardelli creates whimsical paintings using spilled food.talk about an unconventional medium; this artist is amazing!

Sanatlı Bi Blog Bir Fincan Kahve, Kaşık ve Birbirinden Güzel 25 Sanat Eseri - Giulia Bernardelli 13

Bir Fincan Kahve, Kaşık ve Birbirinden Güzel 25 Sanat Eseri – Giulia Bernardelli

Italian artist Giula Bernadelli takes playing with one's food to a whole new level when she creates beautifully detailed and delicate illustrations using s

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How about creating a piece of art with spilled coffee? Giulia Bernardelli does just that. He actually creates art with spilled coffee.