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This is a cross section of the stem of the plant commonly known as goosegrass or sticky Jack and more scientifically as Galium aparine.

microscopic image of the cross section of a sapling.

natural mandala - microscopic cross section of clematis root • tom grundy

THE STEM OF A PINE TREE. Posted for educational purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.

Pine Needle Pine is the common name for species belonging to the genus Pinus, a member of the family Pinaceae, resinous trees with needle-like leaves. Consisting of about 262 species, this is the largest family of conifers and includes fir, larch, spruce, hemlock, cedar and Douglas fir. (Source:

Pine stem cross section / Olympus SZ microscope / photographed by Joseph Paul, 10/13/2010

Nature Magnified - dicot root cross section - microscopic plant cells; beauty in nature; delicate patterns & natural colour source for design

Inspiration from planetvalium: A cross section of the stem of a small pine tree.