I'm 5'10", 208 lbs, and pretty hairy (chest, arms, legs) not sure this look would be right for me. But I'll sure try it.


white shorts yellow cardigan spring! Great color combo for spring 2014!

Yellow jean, high boots, black long sleeved...don't care for the bumble bee palette otherwise it's great

<3 Yellow

Love this shirt

ill be shopping here ALL the time

Ready for summer! :)

so great!

Black lace top.


I must be craving the sun today since I'm posting all yellow.......cute summer dress though:)

Oh. My. Gosh. Love!...where???

Lacy tank over solid color tank, jean shorts and sandals. Ahh, summer!

This site has a ton of cute things! And a bunch of those cross bracelets/necklaces everyone keeps pinning.

Great summer ensemble

Love yellow blazer!


Light and pretty

Omg I love this<3