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Chicken-in-a-vest. Check!

Don't bother me I'm writing: Put down your weapons * Chicken vests by Sum in horto

Awwww Chicken with Butterfly passenger

different chicken beddings

Bedding Material choices for Chickens Coop - The Poultry Guide

Swedish Hedemora Chicken - Google Search

Hedemora are possibly the most cold hardy chickens in the world. Hedemora evolved over half a millennium in an ancient ice-bound pocket of Sweden.

RIP Ginsberg the chicken

The Boise Backyard Chicken Experience

damn it.. some one shaved our fluff!

Silkie Showgirl Chickens by Joe Sartore, nationalgeographic: terrible thing to do to a nice silkie chicken!

Surviving winter with chickens doesn't have to be intimidating. There are really only two things that are critical to a backyard flock in co...

Surviving Winter with Chickens

The thought of surviving winter with chickens doesn't have to send chills up your spine. There are really only two things that are critical to a backyard flock in cold temperatures: access to water and a dry coop.

Don't know if I should pin this to "funny" or "crafts"

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Wyandotte -dual purpose, good table bird.  Friendly, broody, winter hardy, confine well, large brown eggs, many different personalities....I really want this breed.


Wyandotte - Decent layers of cream colored eggs. Very intelligent and very skittish. Not really a "pet" chicken but a working flock with the benefit of beautiful laced feathering. Bears confinement well and is very winter hardy.