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Max Vandenburg is a Jewish man who that hides in the Hubermanns' basement. Max's father saved Han's life in WW1, so later on Han tries to save Max's life and puts the Hubermanns' lives in grave danger. The Hubermanns' took great care of Max and fed him well. He was very welcomed in their household. Max was born on November 7th in Cockville in Stuttgarts and is the son of Eriks Vandenburg, he was 22 years old in this book. Max, like Liesel, have nightmares about their past. Liesel reads to…

Max Vandenburg is the Jewish man who hides in the Hubermanns basement. His father saved Hans life in World War 1. Hans promised that he would always help the family in any way he could. Max and Liesel are very similar in many different ways. They both have nightmares about how the miss their families. Both of them see Hans as a great source of safety. Liesel and Max also both have a history of fist-fighting.

This picture describes the relationship of Max Vandenburg and Liesel Meminger. They are both broken people, living in a broken world. After they meet, they both realize that they need each other. Even though people say "opposites attract", Liesel and Max are very similar but they attract like metal to a magnet.

Ben Harper (b. 1969), American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist // Photo by Max&Douglas

Ben is Leslie's best friend. They both understand each other and they are each other's biggest supporters. They view marriage as a long term commitment and work out any problem that they have instead of giving up on each other.

Prince Silas- Closed// I follow my mother out of the dining hall until we arrive at her room. Once there I hold open the door and close it behind us. "Rian said you wanted to talk to me?"