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Salted Caramel Ice Cream

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mini milkshakes

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Christmas cookie ice cream shots

Sugar & Clothfrom Sugar & Cloth

Eats: Christmas Cookie Ice Cream Shots

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christmas cookie ice cream shots

Caramel Apple Trifle

Mini Caramel Apples

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Carmel Apple Pie Recipe

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Extract 1

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Tiramisu shot glasses. #desserts #chocolate #recipes

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Stars & Stripes Cheesecake Shots

Crazy for Crustfrom Crazy for Crust

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Bailey's Pudding Shots: 1/2 cup prepared chocolate pudding (either from a prepared mix or your favorite recipe or a single serving pack), 2 tablespoons milk, 2 tablespoons Baileys Irish Cream, 1 Thin Mint cookie and/or green sanding sugar, for garnish


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Kahlua Ice Cream Shots


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Sugar & Clothfrom Sugar & Cloth

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cotton candy ice cream shots - Sugar & Cloth

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champagne jello shots


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Pudding shots! you' ve heard of jello shots. Now try alcohol-laden desserts in a shot glass:)

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This Silly Girl's Kitchenfrom This Silly Girl's Kitchen

Sparkling Jell-O Shots

Kraftessentials Recipe

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Sparkling Jell-O Shots: Easy Dessert Recipes with #KraftEssentials recipe for Sparkling Jell-O Shots on #shop #cbias

Intimate Weddings - Small Wedding Blog - DIY Wedding Ideas for Small and Intimate Weddings - Real Small Weddingsfrom Intimate Weddings - Small Wedding Blog - DIY Wedding Ideas for Small and Intimate Weddings - Real Small Weddings

Ice Shot Glasses: DIY Winter Wedding or Party Drinks

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ice shot glasses: DIY winter wedding or party drjnks

Float Vanilla

Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Ice Cream

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orange soda float; Vanilla bean ice cream, orange soda & a shot of Italian Aperol.


Yes please.

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Yumm...... yes please...


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Carmel apple Jell-O shots I just skipp the cooking/alcohol portion.