This is what I need to do with my field, turn it into a wild flower garden. I love this!

Seed Mat Wild Flower Mix - Seed Easiest way to create a border of wild flowers With the 'Wildflowers Mix' you can create a wild flower meadow in your garden. Low maintenance. This must be the quickest and easiest way to create bright, colourful beds and borders in the garden. There is no need to scatter loose seeds. These seed mats can simply be dug into the ground and covered with soil. A glorious mixture of varieties for a characteristic English-style garden.

secret garden

What a great idea! Rinse your veggies in the garden before bringing them in the house and then reuse the water on your plants. Via Gardeners Supply

Cottage garden

Sarah Raven's Cottage Garden Mix zinnias, cosmos, malopes, and much more, lots of traditional cottage garden favourites which will flower together not just for weeks but months.

ɛ n g l i s h . ç o u n t r y s i d e

The ideal entrance for a charming cottage garden: perfect white picket fence pretty pink climbing roses & greenery.

Great gate opening onto a pathway edged with Salvia.

Pretty hostas and rocks. Like the door too!

Blue garden gate... behind the garden gate is the secret place. A place where the problems of everyday life are forbidden to come stamping and tramping all over your peace. Carol


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