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Geof Kern's 40s flavoured photography.

flying above the ghost ships

Girl Jumping And Flying

A man gives a woman a helping hand as she takes a flying leap over a large puddle on the pavement. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images). 1960

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Creative Photography

Flying Contraption | Joel Robinson

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Creatively Surreal Portraits by 21-Year-Old Audrey Simper - My Modern Metropolis


1959 50s 60s found photo print ad beach bikini flying man gymnastics gymnist


La Maison #Photography Images|

Paseo por arriba

Birds in flight. Lots of 'm


Creative Photography by Olga Zavershinskaya

Its a good idea to have the subject look like its creating the entire shadow when its not.The photo wouldnt look good in colour because its suppost to be a miserable day so it makes sense to drain all the colour from itmake it blackwhite to have the best effect!This photo has been composed cleverly because it gets the audience thinking how the photographer got the shoes to fit the shadow perfectly.The photo is highlighted at the top making the rest of it dark so the shadow blends in well.

Katya Mamadjanian