Night Elf Druid, World of Warcraft cosplay.

Saber Fate Stay Night Cosplay~ I wanna know if the swords real....~

World of Warcraft quest giver.

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Blood Elf Paladin - from World of Warcraft Cosplayer: sakuranym [WW / TM / TW / FB] Photographer: Anna Fischer [WW / TW / FL]

World of Warcraft Lich King Cosplay

Assassins Creed cosplay

Female Ezio, Assassin's Creed cosplay.

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Mylune WoW, Mists of Pandaria launch by ~ButtercupBrix

World of Warcraft


Night Elf - World of Warcraft Cosplay (can't remember the armor name!)

Night Elf, World of Warcraft #cosplay

Cool cosplay

elf cosplay - As an avid Dragon Age player, this elaborate costume blew me away. It is spot on Zevran in every way. Absolutely beautiful. This pic could well have been a conceptual drawing for the game. Awesome.

Dark Link Cosplay, so awesome

Holy light, give me strength! - World of Warcraft cosplay by KamuiCosplay on deviantART

Home is where the hearthstone is! Lovely heart hearthstone necklace. Revolution in earning gold in WoW>>> <<<

Amazing Night Elf and Blood Elf costumes from World of Warcraft!