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One man’s junk is another man’s art, at least it can be with a little work and a good eye. James Corbett of Australia is the latest example of an artist working in scrap metal and his p…

The Farmers Friend - James Corbett takes used card parts and, using them like pieces in a puzzle, creates amazing steampunk sculptures.    36 years old James was running a motor wrecking business. That’s when he started welding together a bunch of car parts and awakened the dormant talent inside. In just 18 months he closed his wrecking business and became a full-time artist.

Great sculptures made out of car parts. Car Part Art by James Corbett Image Gallery

Sculptures Made From Old Car Parts by James Corbett Art + Graphics

Sculptures Made From Old Car Parts by James Corbett

Australian based Artist and sculptor James Corbett, creates those amazing creations using old scrapped car parts salvaged from scrap yards and turned t


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