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Hazard Fraught Tools (Harbor Freight parody)

Hazard Fraught Tools (Harbor Freight Parody)

true fact.

George Carlin

Hazard-Fraught Tools

Hazard Fraught Tools (Harbor Freight Tools Parody)


true story


"if you're typing a status update that says you have a migraine, then you clearly don't know what a migraine is." so true! #ecard #headache

Bras We Have Known, Illustrated. Life completed.

Sadly, sometimes true!


I dare you to say bubbles in an angry voices comment if you did it without laughing

Haha! I never ever owned a pair of Crocs! I think and always have thought they were ugly.

hee hee hee


I am so sorry that kind of thing happened and is still happening to the Native Americans.....