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    Richard Sutherland *** Chief of Staff to General Douglas MacArthur

    general of the army Dwight D.. Eisenhower*****Commanding General Allied Expeditionary Force, Europe

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    Frederick Henry Osborn ** Director of the Information and Education Division of Army Service Forces

    James Garesche Ord ** Chief of the Joint Brazil--US Defense Commission

    Francis Augustus Woolfley * Commanding General/ 106th Infantry Division

    Willard G Wyman ** Commanding General/ 71st Infantry Division

    Robert Nicholas Young * Assistant Division Commander/ 3rd Infantry Division

    Paul Yount * Commander of Advance Sector, Services of Supply, India Burma Theater of Operations

    Clayton Bissell ** Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, US Army

    Victor Bertrandis * Chief of the Maintenance Division at Air Technical Service Command

    Morris Berman * Assigned to US Strategic Air Forces in Europe

    Eugene Beebe * Acting Commanding General of Continental Air Forces

    lucas Beau * Commanding General/ Medical Air Transport Service

    Bartlett Beaman * Chief of Staff/lst Air Division of the 8th Air Force

    Maurice Beach * Commanding General/ 53rd Troop Carrier Wing

    Harold Bartron * Commanding General/ Fairfield Area Air Service Command

    Glenn Oscar Barcus * Commanding General/ 12th Tactical Air Command

    Dawson Olmstead ** War Department Representative on the Telecommunications Board in the Department of State

    Frederick J. Horne **** Vice Chief of Naval Operations

    Richard S. Edwards **** Deputy Chief of Naval Operations

    Samuel M. Robinson **** Chief of the Office of Procurement and Material

    Charles H. Bonesteel Jr. ** Inspector General for the European Theater of Operations.

    John E. Hull *** Assistant Chief of Staff for Plans and Operations at the War Department

    Jesse Auton * Commanding General/ 65th Fighter Command