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Harold Bartron * Commanding General/ Fairfield Area Air Service Command

George Stratemeyer *** Commanding General of Army Air Forces in China Theatre

Curtis Lemay ** Commanding General/ XXI Bomber Command; in charge of all Strategic Bombing against Japan

Maurice Rose ** Commanding General/3rd Armored Division

James H. Doolittle *** Commanding General/8th Air Force

Maxwell D. Taylor ** Commanding General/ 101st Airborne Division

Roy Geiger *** Commanding General, United States 10th Army; Commanding General, Fleet Marine Force, Pacific (Note: He was an air officer in the Marine Corps who commanded an American Field Army in Combat--the only Marine ever to do this)

Walter Kruger **** Commanding General/ 6th Army

Lunsford E, Oliver ** Commanding General/ 5th Armored Division

Alexander Patch *** Commanding General/ 7th Army

Walter Short *** Commanding General/Hawaiian Department