25 Series to read if you love the Hunger Games I've read a few should look into the rest.

I'm always looking for a new series to read

So you liked the Hunger Games books. What should you read next?

Barnes and Noble editions

I am very quickly going through these books. I wish I had more strong female protagonists to read when I was a teen. Anne Shirley had to carry me from 4th grade to A Handmaid's Tale in 9th.

Reading list I'll never finish.

Now that reading isn't a grade I can honestly say i read everywhere. I read in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in my room before bed, and many other places. Also, i don't just read books. I read on my phone, magazines, etc. Literature is everywhere you look.

Can I die in one of these places and spend eternity reading the books?? <3


100 Books to Read in a Lifetime - make your reading bucket list NOW... are your favorites on the lis

good book

I loved Divergent and pretty much any dystopian society book so when I found this I was ecstatic!

By this logic, My Joe is FREAKIN IRRESISTIBLE!!!! (Actually, that's just the truth, regardless.) He reads a stupid amount of books..... as in, it would cause brain damage on a lesser man....


The Hunger Games

Reading Lists

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Series....not just for kids. A real page turner

have read. did love!

40+ Life-Changing Books to Read This Summer

Hahaha I will have to remember this