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Tara Harmon Farley i feel like this accurately sums us up.................

love this cast. its gonna be heartbreaking when they have to split when the show ends. though im praying it never does.

Their friendship is a beautiful thing

Just imagine walking down the hospital halls after work. "umm can I help you two" you asked and the boys just blinked and stepped out into the hall. "uh well were looking for room 227" they say and you nod "follow me" you say and turn leading them to the room and felt a stare on your butt ((XD XD))) ~~NIKKA

Jared and Jensen Supernatural promo season 10

I have no words for how awesome this is! And can we just talk about Jared's butt? I'm not being creepy I swear....☺

I can't help but think that Bobby is taking the picture of Sam and Dean to add to the family photo album. XD

I love Jared and Jensen so much

J2 them both so much!

Daaaww guys STAHP IT! I want them to do this in S8 for real...I mean it kinda hurts how much I just want them to hug it out :P