J2 a friendship that lasts


[GIFSET] My favorite J2 moment ever :) Bts, 'don't twizzler me'

Jensen on "Dean"

This is dead on. As soon as Dean said that I took out my phone an texted my friend "I love Dean." XD (Supernatural)


Jared, Jensen and the Fandom ~ Supernatural

They're faces are so accurate. Sam is all like, "Follow me brethren!" Castiel is like, "I trust you Sam, but why is this necessary? I don't understand." Dean is like, "You guys are lucky I love you", but on the inside he's like, "I CAN FINALLY LIVE MY DREAM AS A BALLERINA!!!" And Bobby is just in the back like, "You Idgits.... Lucky they're family or I would kill them.

These dudes are just my favorite. #J2


I love how Jared tries to keep a straight face

They try really hard to make everyone feel comfortable. Love 'em!

Supernatural boys :)

J2 brothers

The things they throw at the actors!

Jensen | Jared

J2 <3

J2 getting lost in Rome

R.I.P. :(

Oh my god! XD I love how Jared does not approve of full frontal male nudity.

Jensen and Misha