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Sally Shapiro is genuinely happy to be a part-time diva. Having eschewed the trappings of a full-time music career (no late-night performances or tireless promo appearances, and all but a handful of interviews), what we know about her is largely derived from her three albums of unapologetically romantic Italo disco. While Shapiro will admit that she prefers not to sing anything she can’t identify with, the details of Shapiro’s personal life — and even her real name — are all but lost in the…

In the past, English singer/songwriter Becky Jones has lent her slippery vocals to Groove Armada, Hurts, and her own concept-heavy electro project, RGBs. But Union—the chanteuse's debut album under the heavenly moniker Saint Saviour—is a different beast altogether. An impressive showcase for her flamboyant personality and propensity for twisted pop, the album's 15 tracks rest on a razor's edge—somewhere between ethereal dance party with the fairies and divine hissy fit.

Let’s start with the facts. Connan Mockasin is: a surfer, a former vineyard employee, an ex-member of London’s homeless community. Connan Mo...

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Natasha Kmeto - Dirty Mind Melt (official video)

Last August at Oslo's Øya Festival, Heyerdahl performed live for the first time. Less than a year old, the band had come a long way to grace the tented-side stage.

Despite sharing an affinity for Balearic beats and pseudonyms, Sarah Assbring (El Perro Del Mar) and Hugo Manuel (Chad Valley) are not the most obvious musical companions.


Donatella Versace reviews Mariah Carey's new album


Some friendships are meant to be. Case in point: Stockholm-based musicians Adam Olenius (Shout Out Louds) and Henrik Jonzon (Nervous Nellie). Having weathered their awkward teen years together, they're able to spot the opportunity to make a playful joke at the other's expense from a mile (or a kilometer) away. Musically, they're also synced. Nervous Nellie's new EP, Gloves, has a Shout Out Louds sensibility to it—life and love rendered in a series of electro-pop anthems. There's a slick…