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Tony Abbott continues to trash Australia’s reputation abroad,6652

Modelling shows changes to the GST would raise the same amount of revenue as a carbon tax, but cost Australians about three times as much.

Turnbull review of Zaky Mallah and ABC | Crikey The government’s “inquiry” into the ABC and Zaky Mallah breaches even the precedent established by the Howard government. And it’s profoundly hypocritical.

Fact check: do refugee claims made by Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton stack up?

In the past few days, the PM and immigration minister have praised Australia’s record on refugees. But their claims are often contested or inaccurate

Why on an issue as sensitive as refugees do Coalition ministers seek out differences rather than emphasise unity? Is it because they would - for base political purposes - prefer the issue to consensus?

Labor asks Turnbull to confirm national security emails are not on private server

Mark Dreyfus asks PM if his email server is used for sensitive material after failing to get freedom of information response

Legislation introduced in NSW parliament gives police more power when dealing with organised crime, including the ability to ban a person from a public event without a judge's ruling. 0316