Chocolate Chip Halloween Mummy Cake | Community Post: 12 Next-Level Halloween Cakes That'll Make Your Party An Instant Success

Chocolate Chip Halloween Mummy Cake

Watch out for those OREO eyes. This yummy Chocolate Chip Mummy Cake—well, takes the cake to a scary fun new level.

50 tartas y dulces de Halloween: ¡están de miedo!

50 tartas y dulces de Halloween: ¡están de miedo!

Mummy pizza. french bread, olives, sauce, mozz. broil on high for about 5 minutes till cheese is melted

Pizza just became the perfect Halloween treat for the kids table! Make Mini Mummy Pizzas with French bread, pizza sauce, cheese and olives.

Chocolate Marshmallow Ghost Cake and Mini Cupcakes Recipe -

Chocolate Marshmallow Ghost Cake and Mini Cupcakes

DIY Halloween Cake -  use melted marshmallow to make a spooky spiderweb cake! | Carrie Sellman for

Marshmallow Spiderweb Cake

Melted marshmallow might be a hot mess. but it makes a super spooky spiderweb cake! GREAT LOOK - but I use white frosting melted just a bit in the microwave!

Festa bruxas

These creepy creations will fly off your Halloween party dessert table! Chocolate cookies make these cupcakes extra decadent, and extra adorable. Bake them in purple, orange, black or Halloween-print baking cups for an extra-festive treat.


20 Ghostly Halloween Ideas

Ghostly Goodies: use Cupcakes for a simple-to-serve Ghost this Halloween! Arrange the cakes as shown, use an offset spatula to spread the frosting into a smooth layer, and add facial features with black decorator gel. ITS A CUPCAKE CAKE

Ponche de brujas @

Ponche de brujas

Take a plastic examination glove, preferably a powderless one and fill with water (use red food coloring to make it look bloody). Freeze and then peel off the glove to leave a hand shaped ice cube to float in your punch bowl.

Just Dropped By, To See My Mummy!

Two full sheets marble cake, double stacked. Iced with buttercream and an icer tip. Fondant embellishments and a buttercream spider.This would be so easy to transport to church for the cakewalk at the fall festival.

It wouldn't be a Halloween cake roundup without at least one blood splatter cake.

36 Deliciously Spooky Halloween Cakes

butter hearts sugar: Vamp Attack Halloween Cake would look good with red velvet cake iced.

Feeling festive this Halloween season? Check out these 35 ideas for DIY Halloween decorations for around your house!

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