Pinterest • The world’s catalog of images Arlington Virginia Traffic Ticket Speeding Ticket Reckless Driving “A judgment of conviction by trial court on conflicting evidence has the force and effect of a jury’s verdict and is binding upon appeal unless plainly wrong or without evidence to support it.” Clemmer v. Com., 208 If you have been charged with a traffic law violation in Albemarle Virginia, contact the traffic lawyers of the SRIS Law Group for help. A Albemarle Virginia traffic violation lawyer from the SRIS Law Group will discuss the facts of your case and advise you of your options. Our Virginia traffic violations attorneys can assist you with any type of traffic citation in Virginia. Need help with any type of traffic ticket or speeding ticket case in Chesapeake, Virginia? The SRIS, P.C. reckless driving speeding ticket dinwiddie county va.

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RELATED LINKS: Reckless Driving Ticket Virginia Citation Fairfax Richmond Lynchburg Beach Prince King Traffic Virginia Violation Arlington Lawyer Speeding Devices - Call Us - (888) 437 - 7747 Although the census report admitted as evidence established that a city was large enough to use laser speeding devices, the Commonwealth failed to prove that the device was properly set up and recently tested for accuracy... Victim of Fairfax Operation Summer HEAT? Fairfax County is one of the counties in Virginia that is participating in a traffic ticket enforcement program call HEAT.