• Casey

    Hunger Games Humor! Wow!! "Cake boss is on.." Lol

  • ɱɛɠąŋ

    Repin if you'd watch CakeBoss, "Like" if you'd watch CSI. Or do whatever you want

  • Tess Ackermann

    The funny thing is that the hunger games takes place in the future so cake boss wouldn't be on anymore but the csi reruns does make sense.

  • Emma White

    The Married Years too funny! It would so happen too.

  • Eden Taylor

    Hunger Games Humor Married life

  • Sanjana K

    Haha I laughed sooo hard at " cake boss is on"

  • B e t h a n y

    Haha. #hungergameshumor

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*bursts out laughing then turns to ugly sobs*

Catching fire :'( ~feels.

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Oh my gosh hahah

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I never meant to start a war.

Or some love Peeta, some love Gale, but everyone loves Finnick.

I still would have watched it

I love Finnick, and I really need to start changing the original pin descriptions:-)

Omgosh I cant believe I never caught this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Hunger Games parody of 'I'll Make a man out of you'. Hahahahaha!!!! I love it!!!

You have no idea

Brilliant! Hunger games i would so do that i i was in the hunger games

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