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The reason i am so willing to chance everything on a move to the other side of the world. I'm not to old yet and my life's story isn't over. I will not be afraid of change because change is the only thing that might change the things I don't like. I refuse to just settle ,gambling on possible regret is better then just settling. I want something better for my kids.

love death depressed depression sad suicidal suicide pain hurt tired alone i do hate Scared self harm cutting cuts why dead cry everything scars i wrong he y razor blade selfharm selfhate

I cant always explain what I do or where I go in my mind....its a very private space...a scared place...where my soul can free-fall.

"Mist thinks about all the things she has done to get to this point. She want to scream a the world tell it, it's not her fault. Mist know it is. She know she has to accept that fact. So she bares the burden of pain"- Branded By water

anxiety that's what's killing her. she's lost; she's full of fear. sometimes she's uncomfortable in her own skin. she wants to flee, disappear, and turn off the thoughts swarming through her head. she wants to lock herself inside her room where no one could see her, the outside world frightens her. she rather be alone, where anxiety doesn't haunt her