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  • John Porter De La Garza

    Native American Art | Native American Art Works Offered by Peggy O'Neal of Albino Crow ...

  • Jo Belfiore

    Native American Indian Art Paintings

  • John Shoe

    How many spirit guides does one man need?

  • Linda Crooms

    From Facebook page; Shadow of the Wolf & Native Wisdom & Poems of the Heart ~Through your soul and heart, you can become one with your power animal guides and Mother Earth and assist in healing the earth, and more importantly, in healing yourself. ~Every person has at least nine power animal totem guides that surround their body and spirit; east, south, west, north, upper, lower, within, right side, and left side. They walk beside you to protect, guide, teach, and communicate wisdom to you through your soul and heart. They are like gaurdian angels, from either the domestic or wild animal kingdoms, and include birds, fish, reptiles, and insects ~♥~ ~Animal Totem Guides~ *by Peggy*

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This is a women from the chikasaw tribe,she lookes different from us because they make their own clothes and food

Native American Art by John Rudolph Photography, via Flickr

.In honor of the indigenous people of North America who have influenced our indigenous medicine and spirituality by virtue of their being a member of a tribe from the Western Region through the Plains including the beginning of time until tomorrow

+~+~ Antique Photograph ~+~+ Native American Indian girl ~ Katie Roubideaux, Rosebud Sioux, (1890-1991)

Dance and Performance Art, Native American Powwow, 2005, "Powwows are large social gatherings of Native Americans who follow traditional dances started centuries ago by their ancestors, and which continually evolve to include contemporary aspects. During the National Powwow, the audience see dancers in full regalia compete in several dance categories." narrative from website