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Adorable On-Point Illustrations That Express the Value of Sleep to Those Who Aren’t Morning People

If you’re a cat person, you need a daily dose of catness just to keep you going! Because cats make us so much happier. They also make our homes a cosier place. No wonder people say that home is where a cat is! And what can be better than this Cats Calendar to remind you every day that no matter what time of year it is, cats are there to make you smile and give you lots of warmth and comfort.

No One Let Me Out Of The Bag. I Let Myself Out, And Then I Killed The Guy Who Put Me In. (Brainless Tales Cat)

15 situações que pessoas que amam dormir vão entender

Live to sleep? These illustrations totally get your dreamy lifestyle

There are two kinds of people in the world: those that LOVE sleep and can’t get enough of it, and those other weirdos. Some people just don’t get the desire to sleep. That desire to nap in the early afternoon or to sleep in until midday on a weekend (or a weekday, who are we […]