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Darcel Wynne was my favorite dancers on the Solid Gold show.

Darcel Wynne!! Haha! I wanted to grow up and be a " Solid Gold" dancer! Haha! Who remembers that show? hahahaah! I can't stop laughing at myself!

The legendary Solid Gold dancers. That's Darcel bottom right, Scary Spice of the mid-80s. #80s #fashion #TV

Music Life magazine, Kate Bush, 1978

Kung Fu (1972-75). The adventures of Kwai Chang Caine, a Shaolin priest, in the American West. Caine was an orphan of a Chinese & White American marriage. He was raised and schooled in a Shaolin monastery, by his mentors, Masters Po and Kan. A disciplined man of peace, superbly capable of defending himself, Caine made decisions that were morally consistent with Shaolin gentle passivity. This series represented Caine's efforts to resolve conflict through the least violent means possible.

This was my favorite singer! I remember my dad had her tape when I was in 3rd grade!!