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How do you feel about the leather and bamboo "A" versus the overstuffed bookshelves and piano in "B"?

It's #YouChooseTuesday! If you were to have a classic parlour room in your home, which style would you prefer?

It's You Choose Tuesday! Which bedroom do you prefer, A or B?

#YouChooseTuesday: Which do you like better, A or B?

Which living room style do you like better? A: comfy and cozy with warm colours or B: sleek and modern with cool tones?

It's You Choose Tuesday! Which house do you prefer? A) a classic 19th Century style, or B) a modern contemporary style?

What do you think? Classic and elegant with neutral colours, or cozy and eclectic with vibrant colours?

It's You Choose Tuesday! Today we're asking you to choose between these two bedroom styles. Which do you prefer, A or B?