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Simple pairing guide - a little over simplified but a good graphic reference. Which beer for which food

Food + Beer Infographic - Kendall College Craft Beer

"Tap into the business of craft beer" infographic -- featuring our faculty members Phil Mott and John Laloganes as well as Alum Drew Larson! craft beer infographic, beer info, beverage management statistics, craft beer information

Candy and Beer Pairings That Will Rock Your Summer Parties

Candy and Beer Pairings That Will Rock Your Party

We all know Wine Cheese pairings are popular, but we're kind of partial to these awesome Candy and Beer Pairings! Perfect for your next Halloween party!

Screen printed 2012 Monster Calendar by 55His and Chris Sandlin

Screen printed 2012 Monster Calendar by and Chris Sandlin Use a halftone or a texture to differentiate instead of color

Have this calendar in my office and love it.

I've had the Snow & Graham wall calendar each year for a while now, and they are gorgeous! I can't wait to get my hands on my 2012 calendar.