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XD pretty sure I make the same face when someone wants my food!<---in that moment we were all Mark

Doctor Markiplier - Meme by LassieTheArtist

This reminds me of "Like A Surgeon" by Weird Al Yankovic

markiplier gif slow motion

markiplier gif slow motion <<< lol I watched the video this came from

Pinning because of the majesty of the floof in this picture is overwhelming.

I absolutely love how the bleach from his pool made his beautiful blue hair turn into a lovely shade of purple~

Markiplier deserves all the likes ♡♥♡

Markiplier never lies, you guys!«« Awww thanks markiplier!

Markiplier wearing a cryaotic shirt. I. Just. Died... this is the worlds most beautiful man alive :)

Markiplier wearing a cryaotic shirt. this is such a stupid pic but it's cool he's wearing a cryaotic shirt. cry is my fave.so is mark and pewdie and.other people

11055804_835482313190534_557638721_n.jpg (640×640)

Markiplier Soooo, can anyone tell me what video this is from? Because I need this on repeat for 15 thousand hours a day.<<yes. Someone tell us!