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'Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue' Quotes

A collection of romantic, corny, cute "ROSES ARE RED, VIOLETS ARE BLUE" love poems and quotes. Roses are red violets are blue, Sugar is sweet and so are you! Roses are red violets are blue have I mentioned I'm in love with you!
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good morning & happy Monday! ☀🌸 starting the day off with week ❹ arms & abs then a 45min power walk at lunch for my LISS! 💪 it's a new week AND a new month so let's smash it 💜🙅

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"Reality called, so I hung up." | futuredinnerparty... #quotes #quote #funnyquotes #alcohol #hungry #food #nom #wine #foodporn #wino #vino #winenight #funny #laughs #crazy #sarcasm

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