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How Are Publishers Clearing House Winners Selected?

The PCH Prize Patrol wants to know…

Dave Sayer has an important tip for his fans:

If you won a big check with PCH, you could buy it yourself!

#PCH will be awarding a life changing prize on the last day of this month ....No, the winning number was not found.......That's why you have to send those entries in....Someone said to me the other day ...I never send those envelopes in ...I just toss them in the trash...Oh No......Send them back after all you may be throwing your chances of winning away....Read #PCH's latest blog to see what Jane M. from #PCH Creative has to say about this ....#Believe....After all #Miracles really do happen (S

EXCITING NEWS: The Special Early Look Results are in for our August 31st prize award, and we can finally reveal what prize the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol will award on August 31st — jus...

3 years ago! Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol on Angie Rodriguez ! 1st time I met Amanda Rigsby & @TiffanyCoyne !

Focus on the process, not on the endgame, and you'll be even more proud of your results! #Quote

What is the most unbelievable thing your pet has done?

PCH fans, embrace your #creative side and answer the following question!

Everyone has their own style, what's yours?

PCH Fans, are you up with the sun, or are you burning the midnight oil? #Tellus


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How does PCHSearch&Win work

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