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Probably the only time Americans will see these covers…

NOTE WHERE THE COVERS ARE FROM. Isn't this proof enough that the media is totally in on the conspiracy to keep the average Americans uninformed and dumb?! Peek over your little privacy fence and get a glimpse of some of the global issues that affect us all... and require our collective attention. Makes you wonder. ..

"We train them to kill, and then bring them home and tell them they are on their own. The V.A. needs to help these people heal. They need to do more than pass out tranquilizers and other drugs."

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Daily stress...

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transadvocate on

Trans rights are human rights including the right to pee in comfort! Anything that helps dismantle the oppressive patriarchal binary gender system is also a feminist issue.


Powerful Lesson About Privilege

This Teacher Taught His Class A Powerful Lesson About Privilege; good lesson to go along with Catholic social justice

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As Obama Pushes For Minimum Wage Increase, Billionaire Charles Koch Rails Against It With Media Campaign

In an interview with The Wichita Eagle on Tuesday, Charles Koch said that doing away with the federal minimum wage requirement in the United States would actually benefit the poor. According to Mr. Koch, who is the CEO of Koch Industries, a multi-billion dollar mega-corporation who has its fat-cat paws in just about everything, including politicians’ pocketbooks: