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Weekly End of the Day Choice Boards for the Year: A Growing Bundle

Is the last ten minutes of your day the hardest? Then these choice boards are for you! Each week, give students a choice board to complete during those last few minutes of the day. The board is organized by multiple intelligences including Writing, Math, Movement, Arts, and Puzzles. The motivating squares will keep all types of learners in your class engaged, plus each activity can be completed quietly or with a partner if you so choose.

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Tuesday's Tip for Teachers: Need a creative class management tool that's a bit different? When the class works well together, they get a piece to a puzzle. When the puzzle is complete, they earn a reward! This not only promotes teamwork and togetherness but you can also use the puzzle as an example of many pieces coming together to create a whole, just like a class full of students.

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Pyramid Math Puzzles: A Critical Thinking and Problem Solving FREEBIE! This is one of my favorite, go-to math extension activities! It motivates and engages my students (and their parents) every year! The activity can be completed at various levels of difficulty, so it is accessible for students of different ages and abilities.

Solving Quadratics Magic Square

Halloween Math Activities

These twelve math puzzles and activities (with answer keys) are a great way to keep kids motivated and productive around Halloween. Students can complete story problems, match answers, break codes, find patterns, complete puzzles - all while reviewing and reinforcing core math concepts and skills including some Common Core concepts. Great for whole group, centers, or individuals. Grades 3-5. 27 pages

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Complete a jigsaw puzzle, flip it over (carefully) and write a message on the back, then take it apart and mail it to a loved one or acquaintance who loves puzzles, so they have to put the puzzle together to get your message! (It might be helpful to let them KNOW there's a message to find!!)