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    Craig Harrison is a super stud

    Craig Harrison, a British Army sniper made 2. Not 1, but 2 kills with 2 shots at a distance of 8,120 feet. That’s 2707 yards, 2475 meters, or 1.54 miles!!!! He did it with a .338 Lapua Magnum Ac...

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    McMillan 50 Caliber TAC-50 A1-R2 - $11,990 - Dream Gun. I'd buy a 50 cal someday.

    oh how i miss shooting my barrett 50 cal ♥

    Every time Bryce catches me on pinterest I have to post a gun, knife, or something that he likes. :)

    Photo collection from my friend's visit to HK factory in Germany. Shots of the HK417. montrala.blogspot... -

    50 caliber sniper rifle. Coolest weapon I ever fired in the military. I mean cooler than the center seed in a cucumber people

    Rare Hawken Plains Rifle (muzzle loaded .54 caliber) - Hand made, one at a time with approximately 200 ever built between 1823-1870. Had a reputation for both long range and accuracy. Used by the explorers, frontiersmen, mountain men and scouts. Men like "Kit" Carson, Jim Bridger and Daniel Boone.

    Accuracy International Sniper Rifle 50 Caliber and Magnum 338