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Dating 80s style... Remember these little notes passed around back in the day Jackie?!❤️😄 LOL

My mom would give these to me sometimes, and I would spit them down the vent in the bathroom. They are disgusting.

From the Mixed Up Bloggings of Annie Emfrom From the Mixed Up Bloggings of Annie Em

Autograph Book Circa 1975

Autograph Books with Folded Pages

Boone's Farm ~ Strawberry Hill, for the discerning teenaged drunkard, ca. 1967 ... I remember this was the 1st thing I got drunk on when I turned 18 (and then the turds upped the age to 21 about 6 months or so later ... grrrrr ... waited all that time and then allowed to drink for a few months and then had to wait ANOTHER 3 years ... lol) Boone Farms Apple Wine ruled the 70s! PCC