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    Anne Cox(Twist), look at the milkshake :)xx

    Lou and Harry's mom Anne.

    Behind every great man... Is a great woman

    Jay and I! I'm sorry but i dont like when you ask for follows :( x

    Louis Tomlinson | for Action 1D |

    You could say that again.

    This never gets old


    I'm so glad they're doing something against bullying. A lot of girls are bullied because they like One Direction. Bullying is a serious cause. I know. I've been bullied because I loved another boy-band a few years ago. Because of that, I'm scared to admit that I love One Direction because I'm afraid it will happen again. Thank you One Direction for doing something to stop bullying.

    Omg i can just see this happening 😂 #soml #somlmusicvideo #tmhtworldtour2013 #1D #onedirection #harrystyles #anne #knockknock #joke


    I'm sorry the directioner you're looking for is currently crying in a cave attempting to understand this post. Almost 4 years later... what do people expect? No change?

    Harry Styles


    Keep calm and marry One Direction<< how can u keep calm?!?!?!?!?!

    I think it funny because this is a transformation post but now they're both fetus

    1D Movie!

    One Direction<< haha Niall's face

    Ummm, that 78% must be dumb because, HELLO Louis! They each bring some thing to the band. It couldn't be 1D with out one of them...