Anne Cox(Twist), look at the milkshake :)xx

Harry, Lou, Lux, Gemma and Anne out to dinner celebrating Harry's birthday.

The boys :) xx

Ed and Harry

Anne and Ed:)

They mean so much to me. 1D <3

Paul and Harry during 1D day.

Little Things<3<3<3

Carrie, I love you so much!! Xx

This would happen haha xx

Harry's family birthday tweets.

Lux and Harry

Anne and Robin on the red carpet!

#Zaynappreciationday aw he's so sweet xx

LOVE THIS!!!! Narry <3 (: xx

Hopefully it's about the Where We Are tour!

Awww congratulations Gemma! So proud of you! Xx

One direction love! <3

3 years ago this happened. #heytheredelilah. So proud of my boy!

1D hair styles over the years. 2012, 2013, 2014