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sadness - Sad Quotes Photo (33422242) - Fanpop I used to hate myself so much because I thought I made too many mistakes and I was a burden and messed up. That's starting to change. I hope so anyways.

Commentary found on numbered 1.2) I saw this and with encouraging commentary I add some uplifting. Look for my repin commentary on this one. love girl quote life happy depressed depression sad quotes boy depressive LifeQuotes lovequote sadquotes happyquotes

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Broken? - Chapter Two:

The pain of finally realizing that sharing your true self with others makes them see you as crazy.

being sad sometimes is okay - Bing Images It amazes me sometimes when I discover I get hurt feelings like everyone else. I'm so good at rationalizing them away.

I live with my grandma. But I'm thinking about telling my Mom about my depression... Idk If I can do it. My best friend told me I should. But I'm so broken. I don't want people to find out then things I've done and not love me because I'm a mess:(

Every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day, of every week, of every month, of every year...until one of those few seconds or minutes or days or weeks or months or years, I'm finally gone.

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13 Iconic Movie Quotes With Internet-Obsessed Twists

Famous Movie Quotes | Famous | Online Movie Quotes Rocky knows what he's talking about

I'm so done right now. I wanna die. I can't keep on saving myself so please jus kill me, I have nothing to live for