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My life in one picture exactly

sadness - Sad Quotes Photo (33422242) - Fanpop I used to hate myself so much because I thought I made too many mistakes and I was a burden and messed up. That's starting to change. I hope so anyways.

I live with my grandma. But I'm thinking about telling my Mom about my depression... Idk If I can do it. My best friend told me I should. But I'm so broken. I don't want people to find out then things I've done and not love me because I'm a mess:(

Please please dont hate yourself. I know its easier said then done and ive felt like this a many times but fake it til you make. If you look at your self everyday and say im beautiful im gorgeous im funny im unique I am loved I am happy I am me. Everyday you start to believe it, its true theres no one around like you and thats amazing