Cyberbully. An inspiring movie it's a Shame not everybody has seen it

Cyberbully.. Lived through hell like hers before, cry every time I watch it just remembering what happened.

1. normal 2. pressured 3. low self-esteem 4. anxiety 5. depression 6. anorexia nervosa 7. bulimia nervosa 8. self harm 9. suicide. One step closer to goodbye

Cyberbully. Sad movie with a powerful message

such a sad sad shame

stop romanticizing self harm-its nothing to joke about nor make it what is not


Is it just me, or do your parents take out their anger on you when thy are mad? One second they love me then the next they want me to die.

Self harm....

I've cried myself to sleep cause I thought I wasn't good enough for the world :,( but now its mostly in the past

self harm quote

Self Harm

35+ Wonderful Collection Of Best Sad Quotes

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Self harm

This is the movie Cyberbully. That movie is a movie about a girlwho gets bullied online and in school. I strongly suggest that u should watch it.

Self harm and relapsing

When you give your heart to someone, it's not easy to let go. | 34 Lessons "The Notebook" Taught Us About Love

Sad quotes about cutting yourself