A stone carving from Wang Chu Zhi's tomb, 924 AD. Notice that decorative wings began to appear on the Chinese helmet during this period.

Chinese Ceremonial Armour

Another stone carving from a contemporary Five Dynasties Ten Kingdoms period tomb.

Qian Feng (Chinese, 1740–1795). Two Horses, dated 1793. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.The C. C. Wang Family Collection, Gift of C. C. Wang, 1997 (1997.438.3) | Executed at the height of the artist's career, Two Horses is a study in complements: dark and light horses; earthen shoreline and rocky outcrop; and contrasting species of trees. #horses

Close Helmet made in Nuremberg Germany Engraved Steel and Brass. 1535-1540 AD.

Stone carving

Fine Chinese open-work ivory 'gourd' perfumer qianlong/jiaqing period Gourd form, carved with lattice wall and blossoms, no back. H: 5 in.

A mural painting of Li Xian's tomb at the Qianling Mausoleum, dated 706 AD, Tang Dynasty

Helmet Persian 1850 CE Qajar Period Steel with gold overlay, via Flickr.

A gold and iron helmet from the late Yuan Dynasty (1271 AD–1368 AD).

Sadigh Gallery's Ancient Chinese Jade Ceremonial Sword with a Dragon. Carved jade sword with dragon head handle. Four rings and carved animals on the curved pointed blade. Song Dynasty. 1100 AD

Cicada Amulet, glass, c. 206 BC/220 AD, China.

Standing Saddled Horse with Clipped Mane, Cropped and Tied Tail, and Roman-Style Bridle Ornaments, probably 2nd century Sculpture Chinese , 2nd century AD Han dynasty, Eastern Han period, 25-220 AD

Archaize Chinese classical jade carved Weapon by MOSTLYOLDPAWN, $350.00

Helmet, mid-16th century; Ottoman period Turkish Steel, damascened with gold

Armor (Yoroi), 19th century. Japanese. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of the Baber Family, in loving memory of Charles Chenault Baber, 2012 (2012.528.1a–s) #mustache #movember

China. Tang woman (618-907 AD)

Chinese Emperor’s helmet 1736-1795 Qianlong period

New stone armour found in the tomb of China's first emperor

关帝 by China Postcard, via Flickr

Bronze helmet from the Warring States period (circa 476 -221 BC).