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    A stone carving from Wang Chu Zhi's tomb, 924 AD. Notice that decorative wings began to appear on the Chinese helmet during this period.

    Chinese warrior

    Liang Kai (Chinese: 梁楷; c. 1140 - c. 1210) was a Chinese painter of the Southern Song Dynasty. -- Chinese Art Galleries, via Flickr 南宋 - 梁楷 - 潑墨仙人圖

    3d Stone carving

    唐-张萱-明皇纳凉图 Painted by the Tang Dynasty artist Zhang Xuan 张萱.

    Song Dynasty Cavalry

    Antique Chinese hand carved Warrior God figure. He is wearing full Imperial garb with head dress. He has dragon flags mounted to the back of his armor. In his left hand he is holding a scroll. 19th century

    Stele with Shakyamuni and Maitreya China, Six Dynasties Period (317-581), Northern Qi Dynasty (550-577). Date: 550-577. The Cleveland Museum of Art.


    Chinese bronze at the Museum für Asiatische Kunst in Dahlem

    Chinese decorative art motifs #DecorativeChineseArt #ChineseCeramics

    Armored Women -- Lady Knights, Warriors, and Badasses - Imgur

    Kekai Kotaki. On closer inspection, plenty of places on this image are left quite messy. But sure enough the shapes and lighting were not forgotten. He makes it look so easy.

    Armored Women -- Lady Knights

    Armored Women -- Lady Knights, Warriors, and Badasses - Imgur

    Western Han Chinese Bronze Mythical Animal with Gold and Silver Inlay Bronze with gold and silver foil inlay, 2nd century B.C.E.

    Head of a Guardian King, Chinese, ca. 7th century, CE.

    Armored Women -- Lady Knights, Warriors, and Badasses - Imgur

    Chinese Cigarette Card

    Native American, Sitka Tlingit armor, moose hide and Chinese coins, 30 1/3 x 21 1/4 in. (77 x 54 cm). Collected by George T. Emmons in 1894, American Museum of Natural History. Chinese coins were used as currency during the Qing dynasty. Most were minted in the Shunzhi (1644–62), Kangxi (1662–1723), and Yongzheng (1723–36) eras, as identifiable by their reign marks. The Tlingit received Chinese coins in trade from Boston sea merchants in exchange for sea otter pelts.