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Conquistar al amor de mi vida...

Pinky and the Brain - Pinky: Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight? Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world!

Pinky and the Brain. " What are we going to do tonight brain?" " The same thing we do every night Pinky. Try to take over the world. "

Pinky and the Brain ... one is a genius and other's insane!! What are we gonna do tonight Brain??

Pinky and the brain brain brain brain brain! health

'90s Girls. Pinky and the Brain...

One of my favorite cartoons

Pinky and the Brain #90skid

late '80s to early 2k memories for all the '90s kids! Have fun! :)...

De 25 meest memorabele tv quotes

El cubo Rubik y la vida

Figuring Things Out // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

I feel oddly better. If a guy with a rubix cube for a head can feel good about himself than so can I.

Try not to worry Click for more Funny Pictures -->

Ever feel like your heads a rubix cube??

My head is a Rubix Cube...

Don't worry

So true

inspiration-images-2014-01-15_08 - Motivate Inspire. Quotes, videos, inspiration.

Life is Just Like a Rubik’s Cube

The Berryfrom The Berry

Daily motivation (16 photos)

STOP. #quote

Stop Underestimating Yourself! True words! #quote

#quote #motivation #inspiration #quotes #sayings

Summer Love // #quotes #inspiration #levolove

????????? American Hippie Quotes ~ Believe

Hannah::::::::: Remember this! ...

Just need to remember this

fitness quotes

life quote

just start #quote #quotes True words! Daily Inspiring Quote Pictures AMEN Quote

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Strong Women


I'm a strong woman which is not the whole of me, it's just one of the many elements that are part of my being and I love the company of a strong, complicated, confident man with a healthy dose of loving me without losing a sense of himself!

Strong+Women+by+AntidotetoAccident+on+Etsy,+$20.00 fricking true!!!!!

Strong+Women+by+AntidotetoAccident+on+Etsy,+$20.00 fricking true!!!!!

Strong Women by AntidotetoAccident on Etsy

Strong+Women+by+AntidotetoAccident+on+Etsy,+$20.00 .....

Strong women scare weak humans in general.

Strong Women fricking true!!!!!

wonder woman quotes - Google Search

Be a strong woman!!

Tipos de personas

Hay Dos Tipos De Personas Las Que Te Hacen

UN APORTE MAS. Historia Familiar De La Persona Codependiente

Desmotivaciones Yo también dije y termine enamorandome.

Desmotivaciones No te preocupes si tu historia de amor no es como la de las películas, esas son escritas por guionistas. La tuya está siendo escrita por ti

Desmotivaciones El truco está en no imaginar un futuro con alguien que no ha superado su pasado

7 pasos

7 pasos para la felicidad: mas y menos - mandatos negativos en forma positiva. Could be made into a fun activity for students to practice their writing skills. Diario?

III, 7 - 7 pasos para la felicidad: mas y menos - mandatos negativos en forma positiva

#Spanish quotes #citas #frases #Quotes in Spanish

mensajes de reflexion - Buscar con Google

7 pasos para la felicidad. (mas y menos)

7 pasos para la felicidad. Tú commands

Mensajes de Reflexion y Pensamientos

ser feliz

Frase para compartir: 7 pasos para la felicidad. – kAca yoga

#frase Maria Félix.

Maria Félix, La Doña. Mexican style icon par excellence. She was Cartier's muse and still is. Here she wears some reptile-inspired Cartier bespoke pieces from her immense collection.

Mexican film legend Maria Felix wearing her Cartier 'Crocodile' Necklace and the 41.37 carat (at the time; now weighs 40.45 carats after polishing in 1988) 'Ashoka' Diamond acquired from Harry Winston.

MARIA FELIX. Wearing her Cartier jewels, she commissioned the serpent diamond necklace from Cartier Paris. Since María’s death, her jewels have been displayed as part of The Art of Cartier Collection in several museums around the world. Cartier paid tribute to the actress when debuted its La Doña de Cartier collection in 2006.

María Félix in 1975 wearing her 1975 Cartier crocodile necklace and 1967 Cartier emerald ear clips.

Mexican actress #MariaFelix #styleicon #muse #womensfashion #cartier #crocodile #1970s

My absolute favorite all time style icon, la Doña Maria Felix

1975 Maria Felix wearing Cartier crocodile necklace.

Maria Felix fashion icon

María Felix, la Doña.

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Happy Birthday, Friend - Top 50 Friend's Birthday Wishes

@magsgrant 14 years and counting!

This is us! <3 @Debbie Arruda van Solkema Stupid! :) ❤ #blonde #brunette #bestfriends #friendship #quote

This is us! <3 @Lexa W W W W W Vladoiu Salvatore #blonde #brunette #bestfriends #friendship #quote

This is us! #blonde #brunette #bestfriends #friendship #quote @Kristina Kilmer Kilmer Miller

Best friends forever; just a brunette and a blonde with an unbreakable bond. #bff

This is us! <3 @Michele Eynon #blonde #bestfriends #friendship #quote

This is us! <3 #blonde #brunette #bestfriends #friendship #quote

#blonde #brunette #bestfriends #friendship #quote

Friendship Quotes 24 - me and my BFF

Best Friend Quotes

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

17 Memes de Carmen Salinas que puedes usar para cualquier ocasión

Cuando alguien te rompe el corazón: | 17 Memes de Carmen Salinas que puedes usar para cualquier ocasión

Cuando alguien te rompe el corazón: | 17 Memes de Carmen Salinas que puedes usar para cualquier ocasión --->

17 Memes de Carmen Salinas que puedes usar para cualquier ocasión

1 Carmen Salinas Ni Pedo La Vida Sigue

Ni pedo, la vida sigue...

La vida sigue!!

Ni pedo😂😂😂

Ni pedo....

Ni pedo

Random Pictures Of The Day - 50 Pics

*True Love Never Gets Old. OMGosh. I LOVE CUTE OLD COUPLES! My grandparents are one of these couples, they just celebrated 60yrs in June!*

This is just heartwarming wish my lifetime partner would make me feel this way. :)

True love never gets old - Funny Stuff faith in humanity restored

True love never gets old :) sooo cute! I love old people!!

True Love Never Gets Old. I love cute old couples!

True Love Never Gets Old. The cutest thing ever.

True love never gets old. I love this so much

True love never gets old -I love old people

i love old people. true love never dies

The Huffington Postfrom The Huffington Post

LOOK: Dad Gives New Meaning To 'Superhero'

'A good dad is always a hero to their kids. Capes just let the world see it a little better.' via huffingtonpost #Dads

OH... MY... GOSH... this is so freaking adorable...super hero outing with father and son!!! My husband will be the kind of man that does this with his children <3 ✿. ☻. ☻I KNOW A GOOD DAD WHEN I SEE ONE... | Daddy, This is why I Love You |… #dad Best superhero, shopping, #father and son

Maybe someday this will be my husband and kid...A father & son in matching superhero capes, browsing the aisles of Home Depot for supplies – best pic ever!

I'm going to make superhero capes for my husband and son to wear on father's day

Adorable! I applaud any father that will do this! You go super dad!

Awesome dad! Hopefully my future husband could be this awesome.

One awesome dad! My husband would soooo do this someday!

Happy Fathers Day to all the SuperDads

Awesomedad...totally my husband

When we move and flow with the whispers within then we are emerging as all that we were meant to be. What is waiting inside to be fully expressed ~ our truth and creativity are within.

Heart shaped butterfly stroke. Black and white photo.

Black and White My favorite photo ( I know this was not intended to be an angel, but, well, what do you think? . . .

With Madrhiggs... you will dive into new worlds, where you can finally attempt freely and with deep love along with many other people who are waiting for you. Black and White My favorite photo

Black and White My favorite photo. I love how it looks like a heart

Black and White inside a heart wave. .

Black and White Heart

♥heart splash

Water heart

Heart swim