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Scratch-Off Maps Let You Display Every Place You’ve Been {one of my favorite gifts that i received this christmas!!}

I love this. Now thinking of how I can find a fixture I could do something similar with. If I ever get my little office/artist studio one day would love to do something similar maybe with photos that inspire me, bits of old textiles, pieces of broken costume jewelry attatched or hanging down. Would be my inspiration chandelier instead of inspiration board :)

Travel map - I started one just got to get it back out and update it.

// lovely. just lovely. Ooh and there are even owls! Omg I love owls so much!!!

framed maps of places you've lived or places you've been and places you pray for...hmmm...I have to think about this.

Get a big map of the world, or United States and you throw darts at it. It's more of a family project, or if you like to travel. Wherever the dart lands, that's the next place you visit. It's all about being spontaneous.

Make one for each each place that you've lived or traveled. Love this idea!

"Places where you've lived" -- Decorate with Maps - Romania, Canada, Singapore who knew I would become such a citizen of the world. :) #travel

I love maps!!! Take a look at this Navy World Atlas Map Adhesive Print on zulily today!

I want to buy a world map and put it in my room and put these gift tags on places ive been or wish to go!

I love maps, and I've been collecting ones of European countries for several years. Right now I have a couple of large frames in the living room with some maps in them, but I'd love to incorporate more of them.

Love this: "In all of the bedrooms we’ve shared as a couple we’ve always hung pictures and mementos from our travels on the wall opposite the bed so we go to bed every night and wake up every morning reminded of all the places we’ve been together."