Grand Council Flag of the Mi'kmaq Nation.[1] Although the flag is meant to be displayed hanging vertically as shown here, it is quite commonly flown horizontally, with the star near the upper hoist.

Mi'kmaq Flag

Mi'kmaq Portraits Collection

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Whitman Mission National Historic Site-- is a US National Historic Site located just west of Walla Walla, Washington, at the site of the former Whitman Mission at Waiilatpu. On 11/1847, Dr. Marcus Whitman, his wife Narcissa Whitman, and 11 others were slain by Native Americans of the Cayuse. The site commemorates the Whitmans, the role they played in establishing the Oregon Trail, and the challenges encountered when two cultures meet.

Ira Hayes (Chief Falling Cloud), Pima Native American Hero who helped raise the American flag at Iwo Jima - Arlington National Cemetery. Photo by Tony Fischer

The history of decorating horses

Cave Paintings and Sculptures - Sites in France

The Gathering of Nations

PFC Lori Piestewa. Piestewa was the first Native American woman in history to die in combat while serving with the U.S. military and the first woman in the U.S. armed forces killed in the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Arizona's Piestewa Peak is named in her honor.

Shooting Star, Dakota

Plateau Beaded Moccasins Unique pair of lazy stitch beaded buckskin moccasins with American flags.

1760-1780 Maliseet (First Nations) Chieftain's regalia at the New Brunswick Museum, Saint John (found via Contested Terrain) - "Maliseet, Mi’kmaq, and Peskotomuhkati people had a long history of attending political meetings with European colonial leaders. Aboriginal leaders wore ceremonial dress, such as this Maliseet headdress, to the meetings to impress European negotiators with their power and prestige."

A living, breathing page of American history! Roy Hawthorne, Navajo Code Talker. USMC. He walked the 2 mile parade route. Two Navajo Marines are helping him with the last 1/2 mile. National Code Talker Day -Aug-14-2013

Ira Hamilton Hayes "Chief Falling Cloud" (1923–55) was a Pima Native American Marine who was one of the six men immortalized in the iconic photograph of the flag raising on Iwo Jima during World War II. As a result of that foto, Hayes and the others became national heroes. But he was never comfortable with his new-found fame, and after his honorable discharge he descended into alcoholism. He died of exposure and alcohol poisoning in 1955 and was buried at Arlington.

Early Medieval Grave, Barevan Chapel, Cawdor district, Scotland. There is a question as to whether or not the round stone was placed because it was believed to be a witches grave.

Juana Maria, better known to history as the Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island (her Indian name is unknown), was a Native American woman who was the last surviving member of her tribe, the Nicoleño. She lived alone on San Nicolas Island from 1835 until her discovery in 1853. Scott O'Dell's award-winning novel Island of the Blue Dolphins was inspired by her story.

Light Night by Nicholas Vaughan Roberts, Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland

Rosslyn Chapel, Roslin, Midlothian, Scotland

Tribes in Rhode Island and other NE states

Celtic Cross, Scotland