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Westward Ho! Lapbook {Time period we covered 1803 to 1890} Albert Bierstadt’s The Rocky Mountains Landers Peak ~ 1836~ Permission by Mark Harden – The Artchive One Dakota pioneer wrote: “When God made man, He seemed to think it best to make him in the East and let him travel West”. The Oregon Trail was given …

Westward Expansion #homeschool social studies unit for kids of all ages (Lewis & Clark and more!)

Reading, writing, social studies, and speaking skills are integrated with this fun Common Core aligned interactive notebook. A reading passage has been included for every topic within the 49-page document. This is a fun way to learn about informational text and get students engaged in learning. This is great as an interactive notebook or lapbook.

Social studies lap book ideas, downloads and tons of information! Fantastic site!

5th Grade Interactive Social Studies Notebook: Over 30 pages of FREE printables that cover American History concepts and more. It is more at the end of fifth grade in CA, but there are some really cool ideas here.

STEM Engineering Challenge Pack ~ Oregon Trail Challenges ~ $ Temporary Shelter Challenge Covered Wagon Challenge Ford the River Challenge Barrel Making Challenge Ball and Cup Toy Challenge

Studying the Oregon Trail this year? Free 25 page lapbook from Lapbook Lessons

Love this! Catchy rap all about westward expansion :)

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Trail of Tears

Civil War Unit Study and Lapbook


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Education to the Core: Test-Taking Strategies Anchor Chart!

Westward Expansion Intro. Would you go?

This is a short clip that provides great insight about the Westward expansion and breaks down many major events that helped expand this country. The film mentions a major factor in helping progress of the expansion, the transcontinental railroad. Also brings up the fact that the settling of the West ran off the buffalo which was vital to Native American survival.

Revolutionary War unit w/ lapbook downloads

American Revolution 1775 - 1783. Free Printables! CC, C3, W4 - Declaration of Independence Week

FREE This Note-Taking Chart is a simple graphic organizer to help students in grades 3-6 take notes when reading or after reading a chapter of fiction!...