I dig this idea for showcasing a collection!

old wagon

Clever BOOK DISPLAYS~ There are so many ways to display books and so many DIY projects out there to make your own displays. Check out this gallery of 20 different display ideas and reading nooks to get some great ideas that will make kids want to stop and read!

Lego Frame by legojeff

Using every bit of space.

Awesome for sleepers ~ for playroom, minus the tv...and maybe smaller...but LOVE the fun of it.

Chalkboard Identification...If I had a collection, this is how I would organize it.


vintage toys

hang the kids art

into a gigantic pair of Legos. | 15 Ikea Hacks For Your Child's Dream Bedroom

Ikea Helps to #organize dinos - Display of dinos

Lego Minifigure storage and display.

The interior paint makes a huge difference

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