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Dance with reckless abandon, love as if you've never had your heartbroken, and live for the present moment. Then you will know heaven. It is not some place we ascend to but it is right here with us all the time. Just waiting to embraced by your presence.

Ludlow castle. Passed into the Mortimer family after the marriage of Roger Mortimer to Joan de Geneville, granddaughter and heir of Geoffrey de Geneville. Her two younger sisters were sent off to a convent so that Geoffrey's estates would remain intact. The castle passed into the hands of the monarchy with the coronation of Edward IV.

My new addition!!!! Can't wait to get it! Ascend® D10T Sit-On-Top Kayak - Purple/Black | Bass Pro Shops

Yeah, I can see this now...I was blind but now I see...oh I have that backwards? I don't think so.

Lady Curzon’s spectacular white satin “orchid” gown, one of a number that were created for her by the House of Worth. C1900

The Last Guardian se retrasa hasta diciembre #videojuegos #Sony #thelastguardian

"people keep staring at me it's making me want yell at them STOP STARING AT ME YOU FREAKS but I can't say that I need to keep my temper under control"