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A portable scanner that doesn't cut off the inside of the page?! I love it. Very useful, too.

"The concept Scan Board offers an easy solution; it captures the image of the page and transfers it to the computer via USB" This would make my life so much simpler!

The First Solar-Powered Charge

The First Solar-Powered Charger I'd Actually Use

Here's a dope, green item. Solar power has always been cool to me, but hasn't ever been used to the best of it's abilities in an everyday-use device. This is a solar-powered charger from Quirky Ray, used to charge a electronic device of yours via USB.

iConvert scanner from brookstone

iConvert® Scanner for iPad Tablet at Brookstone - A way to organize and discard all of those loose recipes torn out of magazines, etc.

iShower Portable Waterproof Wireless Speaker.

iShower Portable Waterproof Wireless Speaker - WANT THIS! I miss my shower radio sooo bad!

Negative scanner. Turns old negatives into digital images.

Negative Scanner -- Insert your negatives or slides into the trays and press one button to scan. the imagelab scanner transforms them directly into high quality 9 megapixel jpeg digital photographs without a computer!

http://netzeroguide.com/portable-solar-panels.html Portable solar panels are becoming more popular because they are getting cheaper and people like to keep their devices charged even when they go off the grid.

Solar chargers by XD Design Window solar charger with one big solar panel. Collecting capacity per solar panel Battery output capacity is (Charger not suitable for tablets).

Portable FM Stereo Boombox for iPod/iPhone....to play pump up jams for my women's fitness club at school?


iHome Portable FM Stereo Boombox for iPod/iPhone - Black Retro. Old school.

Could've used this during finals!!!

Scan Marker - A pen shaped scanner that will scan any printed text and automatically insert it into any application on your computer.

Herbal Back Wrap | Solutions

Cordless pack uses warm, moist heat to soothe away aches. After a long day at a computer or hours of gardening, this herbal heat pack will deliver muscle-soothing relief to your neck and shoulders, and down the full length of your back. mom i need this!